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“Growing up in Louisiana with [Hurricane] Katrina and everything, I am used to stuff not going my way,” Williams said. “One day you can have a house, and the next day your house will be gone. All I needed was to get my foot in the door and to let somebody give me an opportunity.

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Totally right when you state

“How to Write an Ecommerce Product Page That Converts at 26%

Home > Blog > Ecommerce > How to Write an Ecommerce Product Page That Converts at 26% ecommerce product page

Others say that only an elite few can achieve super high conversion rates.

It’s completely possible to convert well. The rates you’ve dreamed of can become reality.

How would a 26% conversion rate change your business? How much more money would you make?

Shopify tells its users exactly what it is. But you can also lead with a bit of intrigue.

The big text is definitely a benefit, but it doesn’t tell you what specifically you’re looking at.

Whatever you choose, make sure your visitors know your UVP within 10 seconds. Within 5 is even better.

Copy is a crucial part of any strategy. Whether it’s SEO or marketing, it’s one of the most critical parts to get right. If you want to sell your product, you need to have remarkable copy. That shouldn’t be a surprise.

German company L’Axelle found that making their page copy more action-focused led to a 93% increase in clicks. No joke.

That’s how important copy is.”

Never realized how important copy was.


Chris Pontine


I feel it really comes from understanding the intent of the user and where they are in the customer journey. Thanks for a good read and sharing back, Chris.


Hi Neil nice article, in each article in your blog for ecommerce you aways give a different examples for good structured ecommerce lending page, for example one of your articles you gave example : and Clearance Collections Deals For Sale Alaïa Embellished Ankle Strap Sandals Cheap Marketable Official Sale Online xihJP3x25A
today you give us different example, my question is there any universal formula for the best selling ecommerce product page Regards, Trifon


There isn’t an exact way really but its down to being unique and focusing on the intent the user needs.


Hi Neil, Thanks for all your great tips. I was wondering what do you suggest for an ecommerce site with hundreds of products? Is a product description in the form of a paragraph better for SEO ranking compared to say a bullet list of benefits/features? Often times its almost impossible to write lengthy unique product descriptions for products when the only difference between items are color or size.


Focus on what a user needs to know and add FAQ’s 😉


Hi Neil, Good practical tips about the on-site customer journey and the product page in particular, but it may be worth mentioning that CRO is also about traffic quality in the first place. There is a misconception about conversion rate being the key metric on a website. Traffic volumes and quality are the fuel for high conversion, and things like “context” (what is the state of mind of the visitor, have they done research before, etc.) or “personalisation” (is the content of the page relevant to them and their context) are also key conversion optimisers. You mentioned it, but I would insist on it: social proof is key, customer reviews and ratings, user generated content is a game changer for conversion. Then in the funnel, anything that can reassure the consumer around delivery, payment method and more generally “trust”, will help significantly. Thanks for your article and examples. Michel Good Selling Sale Online Givenchy LaceUp Leather Booties Eastbay For Sale Shipping Discount Authentic Cheap Sale Very Cheap Outlet 2018 New l2trtR68

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